Trans Mountain is the opportunity we have been waiting for to become economic partners with a seat at the table and a real say in Canadian development on our lands. 

“What we want here is our jurisdiction back so that we can provide for our people as we have done for 10,000 years,” said Chief Michael LeBourdais, executive director and vice president of WIPG. 

The Government of Canada’s decision to sell the Trans Mountain Pipeline to an Indigenous ownership group presents exactly that unprecedented opportunity for Indigenous communities in Alberta and BC. Never have we been able to realize the benefits from the flow of resources beneath our soil on this scale. The deal also represents a radical rethinking of the roles played by the Government and Indigenous communities—and a critical step toward rebuilding relationships. 

But how can we be sure the revenues from this economic partnership will go to the right places? WIPG is the only Indigenous-owned entity that is supported by the legal rights- and titleholders of the Trans Mountain Pipeline route. That’s how WIPG is uniquely positioned to be accountable to our Indigenous communities and guarantee that band financial interests are fairly represented.

As we continue to negotiate rights and titles, every new partner becomes an earning shareholder in WIPG. Find out more about how WIPG’s agreements will bring game-changing new opportunities to bands and communities that haven’t always had a seat at the table.