Over last three years, WIPG has been focused on building support for a collective Indigenous approach in purchasing a significant equity stake in Trans Mountain. An approach that will provide comprehensive governance, environmental and economic participation for all 129 Indigenous groups.

We continue to see real momentum, signing agreements with more groups each week. We’ve read comprehensive community plans that will direct how our leadership marches forward and we are committed to continuing to hear how our members are interested in participating. The structure of WIPG has been built with flexibility to continue to accommodate all 129 Indigenous groups so that everyone has a voice at the table.

The purchase of Trans Mountain is a huge step in gaining greater control over our future and setting our children up for further success. Beyond the immediate benefits we think of, this is about ownership.  And with that comes the ability to create new employment opportunities and increased revenue coming to our communities. This ownership is what will support the programs and services that will help our communities thrive. It’s the support for tech and trades, extended medical care for our Elders, kids sports programs and post secondary education that will carry us into the future.

This is why WIPG has already secured binding agreements with several pipeline abutting Indigenous communities. These Nations see the critical need to improve employment and economic prospects. With Trans Mountain, the opportunity is within our own grasp.