• What risks come with ownership? Can ownership come back to harm the Nation or community?

    While there are risks associated with the ownership of any business enterprise, the detailed structure of Chinook Pathways in our view serves to minimize such risks to the Indigenous partners to the greatest extent possible.

  • Does the deal make sense? Is it unnecessarily complicated?

    WIPG is focused only on the TMEP pipeline and we are not unnecessarily complicating the deal with add-ons your community may not need or want. We are singularly focused on the successful purchase of the Trans Mountain from Canada.

  • Are there too many variables? (all the right things have to happened for success)

    WIPG is keeping our approach to the purchase straightforward so that you and your legal advisors fully understand the opportunity.

  • Who retains control? Where are the decisions actually made? Are you on the board of directors?

    Chinook Pathways Board and Management decisions remain in the hands of indigenous communities and Pembina, on an equal basis, for the lifetime of the partnership.

  • Can control be diluted or diminished over time?

    Through the Chinook Pathways model, the percentage of Indigenous ownership will never diminish, unless the Indigenous Communities agree to it. The decision is yours.

  • Is there a mechanism for your nation’s youth to eventually manage/run the project? Can your nation become management now or in the future?

    As the only indigenous bid that is working with an existing pipeline operator, we can build the right training and tools today to ensure that our people not only own, but also operate the pipeline into the future.

  • If money is to be raised, is there any proof it can be raised or is it contingent on you?

    Based on our assessment of the financing viability of this transaction, a review  of similar transactions in the past and the expertise of Pembina and our external financial advisor, CIBC, we have every reason to believe that the financing  of this transaction at reasonable rates will not be an issue.

  • Do you trust these guys? Can other nations or previous partners endorse them?

    Don’t take our word for it. Our leadership will meet with your leadership when you want so that you can better understand us and our approach and why we think this opportunity is the best for communities.

  • How much money will be coming to the nation, over what period of time and is it stable?

    The projected life span of the Trans Mountain is 50 to 70 years and both the current line and the  expansion have 20 year forward looking contracts with top tier oil and gas companies. Based on the stability and security of the financing and operations of the Trans Mountain, we are very confident that the financial  projections which we have provided to our partners is accurate and supportable.