We believe the best way to power our future is to safeguard it. 

Preserving the land, water, and wildlife of Western Canada through strong and local Indigenous oversight is a critical feature of WIPG’s approach. First Nations and Métis in Alberta and British Columbia have been environmental stewards since long before today’s Trans Mountain Pipeline was built – and WIPG’s proposed ownership will ensure the pipeline route’s Indigenous communities will secure and retain environmental control for generations.  

As Chief Michael LeBourdais, executive director and vice president of WIPG told APTN, “We’re not afraid of pipelines or oil, we’re afraid of irresponsible resource extraction.” And with WIPG—an Indigenous-led coalition of communities at the helm—there can be no greater guarantee of responsible stewardship. 

As many in Western communities know, environmental protection is not just about federal or provincial regulation; it’s about the ability to understand the unique needs of our people, engage in dialogue, and solve problems as a community. It’s about thoughtful development and a shared fate: how we treat each other and how we treat the earth are inextricably linked.