Community Engagement


Connecting our communities for shared understanding and benefit.

WIPG was founded by First Nation leaders from Alberta and British Columbia with the purpose of establishing a collaborative economic participation framework that leads with the best interests of Indigenous communities. Our focus is on understanding the needs and interests of our communities on a nation-to-nation basis.

WIPG is the only Indigenous ownership organization that is collaborating with the legal rights and title holders of the Trans Mountain Pipeline route. We’ve been engaging extensively with the Indigenous communities impacted by the pipeline to make sure the interests of our communities are understood and incorporated as we move forward.

Our Founding Principles

Environmental Oversight

Giving our communities the power to guide environmental oversight and stewardship of our land

Input and participation into managing and minimizing the impacts of development on the environment

Community Engagement

A clear understanding of our values and needs through representation by our own community members

Leadership that is focused on oversight over cultural and community aspects

Economic Empowerment

Meaningful direct Indigenous ownership to provide impacted communities with economic participation and governance rights

Material distributions to unitholders with our communities having full autonomy over spending decisions

Environmental Oversight

Participation in this partnership will give Indigenous communities the power to lead on environmental oversight, which we believe will improve the overall environmental performance of the Trans Mountain asset.

Through Indigenous ownership, our communities have direct influence in managing the aspects related to soil, land, air, plants, wildlife, and watersheds.

This includes:

Marine Protection

  • Developing a water monitoring and management plan to ensure acceptable thresholds are maintained
  • Expanding salmon habitat restoration efforts
  • Implementing noise monitoring devices to track marine life patterns
  • Establishing standards and emergency procedures for shipping companies
  • Consultation of marine experts to ensure marine safety and address coastal concerns

Land Conservation

  • Creation of a “green zone” to ensure that the maximum amount of undeveloped land is protected

Employment Opportunities

  • Member participation in environmental protection services and technologies

Community Engagement

As Indigenous community members, we understand our responsibility as stewards of the land, and we have a shared goal of protecting and providing for our families into the future. By gathering our collective voices in partnership, we will be in the best position to determine a unified path forward.

We are meeting with Chiefs and leaders from each of the impacted communities regularly to listen and take action on the needs of our unique communities.

Through our extensive engagement, we will make sure our collective interests are understood and incorporated in future development. 

Economic Empowerment

WIPG offers Nations along the Trans Mountain Pipeline a unique opportunity to change Canadian history and be the country’s first interprovincial Indigenous coalition to purchase a major strategic asset in the energy sector.

What makes our partnership different is, as we gain the support of rights and title holders, our partners become shareholders in pipeline ownership.

Our goal is to ensure:

  • all stakeholders work in collaboration to advance Indigenous employment, education, and contracting opportunities;
  • prescribed jobs and skills training targets are achieved;
  • knowledge transfer and skills training is provided from the operator to communities; and
  • cultural and historically important sites can be designated and protected by Indigenous communities.