Shxwhá:y are strong people committed to healthy living and responsible care and use of their lands, waters, territories and resources for the current and future generations.

Shxwhá:y people gain their strength of identity from their Sto:lo cultural heritage, understanding and practicing their traditional values and teachings, and from restoring the use of Halq’emeylem in daily living. Shxwhá:y families engage in respectful and fair community leadership and relationship with others. Shxwhá:y people believe in principled governance that is inclusive, responsible and accessible, transparent in exercising its authorities, and accountable for its financial, program and service performance.

Shxwhá:y well-being is based on understanding, compassion, communication and mutual support for the care of self, the family and the community. Shxwhá:y people will thrive economically, socially, politically and culturally through their unwavering commitment to being the best that they can be.